Creating an Energy Efficient Lifestyle at Home

Tricks For Saving Money On Utilities

Utilities can be a real drain on your wallet, and this is true for most climates. If you live somewhere that gets cold, you’ve probably cursed the heating bills. If you live somewhere that has scorching summers, then you have probably thought twice about using the AC a couple of times after remembering those sky-high electric bills. In any event, there are actually a number of measures that you can take to dramatically reduce your utility bills for the rest of your life, such as:

1. Energy Efficient Upgrades

If you you have an older heater, air conditioner, dishwasher, refrigerator, or any other major appliance, then one of your best bets is to get an upgrade. While not every new appliance will be cheaper to run than your current unit, many do offer excellent efficiency. To find new appliances that will lead to savings down the road, check for awards …

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Thinking Beyond Solar: Three Ways You Can Add Reliable Renewable Resources To Your Home

If you want to have a home with renewable energy and low utility bills, you cannot do it alone with solar. What about those cloudy days or night hours? These problems can be addressed by incorporating wind and thermal energy technology into the design of your home. If you want to have a home that has more reliable renewable resources, here are some things that you can do to improve it:

1. Using Thermal Solar Collectors For Hot Water And Heat

If you think of solar panels as producing only electricity, you should consider thermal systems. These can be hot water heaters that use heat from the sun to provide hot water to your home. There are systems that have the collectors in tubes, which can even perform in limited sunlight. This can reduce your reliance on gas or electricity to heat water or your home. You can also have …

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Top 5 Ways You Can Help The Environment

Life on Earth may be entering the sixth mass extinction event. Sadly, human actions and climate change will make this event worse. If you would like to know how to do your part, here are five ways you can be better to the environment:

1. Change your light bulbs

Changing the light bulbs in your home may seem like a tiny action, but small steps add up fast. If every household in the country replaced just one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, it would be the equivalent of removing one million cars from the road. Imagine what would happen if everyone replaced all the bulbs in their homes. If you have specific questions about lighting, visit a business like Pacific Lamp Wholesale Inc to learn about all the different types of lights.

2. Walk more

Many Americans are looking for ways to reduce the time they spend …

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Four Mechanical Systems That Can Help Make Your Home Sustainable

Today, green technologies are more than just a trend. They have become part of our everyday lives. If you want to reduce your living costs, sustainable improvements to your home with green technology are investments that you will want to make. There are many choices when it comes to green home mechanical systems; there are systems to conserve water, to heat your home and to provide you with electricity. Here are some projects that you can invest in to make your home more sustainable:

1. Solar Hot Water Heaters For The Shower, The Heating And Even The Pool  

Solar hot water heaters come in many different designs, and they can be used for many different heating needs. An evaporated tube heater can help provide your home with hot water and heating. Other panel collectors and heaters can be used for things like heating your pool, a garden shower, or …

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No Power From A Portable Generator: The Probable Cause & What A New One Costs

Do you have a hard time getting your portable generator to come on to provide power to your poultry farm when needed? There are a few things that can cause the problem, and you must get the generator repaired or replaced to protect your poultry. Find out below what kind of repairs your generator may need, as well as what a new one will cost.

What Kind of Repairs Might a Generator Need When it Won’t Power Up?

One of the things that can cause problems for a portable generator is an accumulation of dirt. When you have your generator stored outside for a long time without using it, dirt can easily get on it. The problem stems for dirt getting on the inside of the generator and interfering with how well it functions. A specialist should be hired to clean the generator when dirt is the problem, and you …

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3 Simple Ways To Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling

One common problem that truckers run into when traveling north into colder temperatures is that of diesel fuel gelling. Essentially, since diesel fuel contains paraffin, it can turn into a somewhat solid gel form once it reaches a low enough temperature. When this occurs in a truck that’s not running, that gel can clog up fuel lines and keep the truck from running. Fortunately, there are a few steps that truck drivers can follow to avoid diesel fuel gelling. 

Add Kerosene

One of the most common ways truckers go about preventing fuel line gelling when traveling to areas where temperatures can drop below freezing is that of simply adding kerosene to the fuel tank, in addition to the regular diesel fuel. Adding about a half and half mix of kerosene and diesel fuel helps to reduce the chances of gelling in two different ways; for starters, it lowers the overall …

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