Creating an Energy Efficient Lifestyle at Home

Determining If Solar Power Will Work For Your Residential Needs

When considering hiring a contractor for a residential solar panel install, determining your power needs and if you have the space necessary for the panels is essential. Most solar system contractors or companies can help you do the math and determine if your home is a good candidate for a residential solar system. 

Site Inspection

Having a residential solar panel installation inspection before any work takes place is essential. Some things are vital when putting solar panels on your roof or property, and not every house is a good candidate for a solar system. 

The position of your home, the number of obstructions along the southern sky, and land features that can limit sun exposure need to be part of the survey. In some situations, trimming trees or removing ones that are blocking the ability to get sun on the panels is an option, but a house with a roof to the east or west can't be turned, so finding other ways to support the solar panels is often necessary. 

Some properties have space that allows for ground stands that the residential solar panel installation can use, or, if there are additional structures on the property, you may need to spread the array over several buildings to ensure you have enough solar panels to make the system efficient and dependable. 

Power Consumption

When considering a residential solar panel install, the amount of power you use in your home daily is crucial. The solar panels must collect enough energy to sustain the house throughout the day and still run the essential systems at night. 

The number of solar panels necessary to meet your consumption requirements is critical to successfully generating enough power, and a management and storage system needs to be put in place to handle the load. If you can't store the energy, you may run out at night and will need power from the public utilities to offset your consumption. 

However, if you can install enough panels to collect the power you need and build a storage system to hold more than you use in a twenty-four-hour period, you can completely unplug from the power grid. In some cases, you can sell your accesses electricity back to the power company.

If you are unsure about what you need or how to set up a solar power system, start by finding a company specializing in solar power and consult with them before you get started. For more information on a residential solar panel install, contact a professional near you.