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No Power From A Portable Generator: The Probable Cause & What A New One Costs

Do you have a hard time getting your portable generator to come on to provide power to your poultry farm when needed? There are a few things that can cause the problem, and you must get the generator repaired or replaced to protect your poultry. Find out below what kind of repairs your generator may need, as well as what a new one will cost.

What Kind of Repairs Might a Generator Need When it Won't Power Up?

One of the things that can cause problems for a portable generator is an accumulation of dirt. When you have your generator stored outside for a long time without using it, dirt can easily get on it. The problem stems for dirt getting on the inside of the generator and interfering with how well it functions. A specialist should be hired to clean the generator when dirt is the problem, and you should invest in a cover to protect it from future damage.

Another possible reason for a nonworking generator is a lack of good fuel. If you never drain out fuel when the generator is being used, it is possible that old contaminated fuel is not allowing the generator to power up. Water can get inside the fuel and weaken it, such as on rainy days. The solution to the problem is to replace the old fuel with fresh fuel. Never leave fuel sitting in the generator during the periods that it is not in use.

You don't want your poultry to go even a day without power, so make sure your generator is always functional. Poultry don't produce well when they are not kept in the right environment. You must be able to provide poultry with warmth in the event that the electricity goes out.

What Does a Replacement Generator Cost If a Repair Is Not Possible?

The price for a new portable generator will depend on how efficient it is. A small generator of up to 2,000 watts can average $200 plus. You will need a large generator for powering up your house and your poultry farm in a power outage. Large generators cost around $4,000 for 10 kW and may cost even more.

Crank up your portable generator every now and then to make sure no repairs are needed. Prompt repairs are vital because power outages are unpredictable. Get a new generator if you need one to make sure a power outage doesn't interfere with production on your poultry farm! For more information, contact a company like South Shore Generator Service Inc.