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Just Adopted A New Kitten? Precautions You Should Take Around Your Home

When you adopt a precious new kitten, there are many things that you need to think about in the process, particularly when it comes to your home. However, many people do not realize that they need to adjust the way things are set up in their home beyond just finding a place for food and water dishes and a litter box. The problem with that is that kittens can be quite rambunctious and curious and often require you to take a few more precautions to make your home more kitten-proof. Before you find yourself facing household problems or kitten injuries or other health issues, get to know some of the steps that you can take to make sure your house is as kitten-friendly as possible.

Buy Elastimold Rubber Goods for Your Electronics Wires

For some reason, the wires that connect your electronic devices to your outlets often seem like appealing toys to kittens and cats, especially those that may not be accustomed to life indoors with humans. As such, you may often find your kitten trying to gnaw on and play with your above ground electrical cords.

To help protect your wires and cords from damage and to prevent your kitten from electrocuting themselves, you need to either move your cords out of their reach or cover and protect them. One of the best ways to cover and protect your electrical cords is to buy Elastimold rubber goods to go over those wires and cords. These Elastimold rubber goods can be used to cover those electrical wires. This protects your wires from damage and your kitten from getting injured. Plus, the rubber goods are not very tasty and your kitten will start associating chewing on electrical wires with that bad taste and likely move on to other toys that may be more appropriate for a kitten.

Keep Breakables Out of Reach

If you have a wide array of antique knick-knacks displayed throughout your house, you likely take great pride in how they add to the decor and design of your home. However, kittens are very nimble and curious. When those breakable items that you love are on shelves that your kitten can jump onto, there is a good chance that they will get knocked around, even dropped onto the floor and broken.

Move your breakable items to high shelves or put them away for a while when you first get your kitten. Kittens and even adult cats are naturally curious when they arrive in a new home with new people. They will want to explore everything that they can reach. As such, you want to prevent your breakable items from getting destroyed while you kitten is getting acclimated to your home. Eventually, they will understand where they should and should not go, have a better lay of the land, and have their favorite places to go in your home. Then, you should be able to put your breakable knick-knacks wherever you want without worrying.

With these tips in mind, you can better prepare your home for your new kitten and worry less about damage to your home and dangers to your new kitten's well-being.