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Designing A Reliable Solar Power System: Panels, Controls, Battery Banks, And More

There are many options for solar power systems available. If you're beginning to consider the purchase of a solar energy system, it's important to pick the right equipment to power your home efficiently. The following solar construction information will help you choose the right equipment for your new energy system.

Characteristics of Solar Power Systems

Before investing in new energy systems, you should know the characteristics and differences of solar energy solutions. There are two kinds of solar power systems:

  • Active solar systems—These systems produce electricity by converting sunlight directly into electricity.
  • Passive solar systems—These systems capture heat from the sun and convert it to electricity.

Those systems differ in three fundamental ways.

  • How much energy they produce—Active solar systems will produce all they need and more. Passive solar systems require some sort of mechanical devices, such as a heat pump or a Stirling engine, to convert heat into electricity.
  • How they are installed—Active solar systems require panels, wiring, and batteries, whereas passive solar systems need insulation and passive solar collectors.
  • How they store energy—Active solar systems store energy in batteries, whereas passive systems store energy as heat.

When you are investing in solar energy for your home, a solar system construction service can use a combination of these solutions to maximize the system's energy performance.

Choosing the Right PV Solar Solutions

Consider your needs when choosing PV solar solutions. If your new PV solar system is going to be the main power source for your home, you'll need a system that is sized to the loads you want to power. To increase the performance of your home's solar system, energy storage can also be added to the system.

Considering Energy Storage Solutions

Solar power systems generate electricity from sunlight. This electricity can be used to power devices or stored for later use. A typical solar power system consists of solar panels, wiring, a battery bank, and a charge controller. The battery bank and charge controller are part of the energy storage system that is installed with solar panels.

Battery banks store the electricity produced by solar panels. The battery bank also supplies DC power when power from the panels is interrupted. When investing in a solar energy system, you want to have an energy storage system that is sized to power your home when the panels aren't producing electricity.

If you are looking into renewable energy, contact a solar system construction service like Evergreen Renewables to start planning the right system for your home.