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Replacing The Siding On Your Home? Make Sure You Install Window Flashing Tape

If you are planning to replace the siding on your home, you should also install window flashing tape. Below is information on what this is and why it is important that you do this. You should have this flashing tape installed by a professional to ensure it is done properly.

Window Flashing Tape

Window flashing tape is made of thin materials that prevent water from getting under your siding. It also helps prevent air from getting inside your home through the windows, which can save you money on your energy bills.  

There is metal flashing available and flexible flashing tape. Many builders prefer the flexible tape as it is much easier and quicker to install. Also, if there is an unusual shape, it is difficult to fit metal flashing in these areas as it does not bend or conform to the shape. 

There are different types of window flashing available. The installer will choose what will work best for your home. There is flashing tape that has UV protection to protect the tape from UV rays, which can cause degradation to the tape over time.  There is bitumen window flashing tape. This type is made from asphalt and petroleum. It is the most cost-effective type but will eventually dry out and must be replaced. Acrylic window flashing tape is the most expensive, but it will last the longest and save money in the end. 

Importance of Flashing Tape

The most important reason to install flashing tape is it will prevent your siding from leaking, cracking, and rotting. All three of these things could result in your siding not lasting as long as it normally would. The tape is installed under the siding and around the windows. This seals both the siding and the windows from moisture building up and prevents air from leaking inside. This will keep the indoor temperature at the right setting. This causes the HVAC unit to run normally. 

If siding is on a house for many years without window flashing tape, the rotting and cracking will not only be with the siding. The sheathing can also become rotted and cracked, and the issues can eventually spread even further to the insulation, deck ledger board, and wall studs. If this happens, not only would the siding have to be replaced but a lot more repairs would have to be done to your home. 

The contractor that installs your window flashing tape can give you more information about it.

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